Buy to support research and care for babies born prematurely.

The Caring Continues: World Prematurity Day is a celebration of the biggest miracles arriving in the smallest packages.

Did you know that 1 in 10 babies are born too soon? In Australia around eight per cent of babies are born prematurely (before 37 weeks gestation) every year.

On Sunday 17 November we want to commemorate all the little miracles that have to fight for their lives to survive. While most pregnancies have no complications, some babies can be born prematurely and are ill or simply too small to go straight home with their parents.

 At the Mater Hospital, we are committed to giving every baby the best possible start to their life. Our researches work hard to improve the outcome and lives of babies born too early. We believe that continuous research into neonatal care is a key factor in improving the lives of pregnant women, as well as the start of a premature baby’s life.

You can make a difference too, by purchasing from our hospital developed, Australian Made* Mater Baby Products range with 25% off, use the code BABY25 at checkout^. Proceeds go to Mater Little Miracles- our charity focusing on providing the best research and care for babies born prematurely.  

Play your part in ensuring that these babies have a fair start at life and help researchers in the fight to prevent premature birth.

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