After nine amazing years of creating a range of skin care and nappies for newborns and their mums, Mater Baby Products is now closed. We want to take this opportunity to thank you - our supporters - who made this dream a reality.

Mater is the first and only hospital in Australia to have developed a range of high-quality Australian-made skin care and nappies specifically for mums and babies. Your support has not only enabled mums and midwives to create exceptional products for your family, but you have also helped Mater to continue its vital research into seriously ill and premature babies.

Saying Goodbye
We can’t say goodbye to this chapter without saying a massive thank you—the mums, dads, aunties, grandmas and friends—you’ve helped us develop the products and given your honest feedback, let us photograph you and your family, reviewed and shared your love for the range and ultimately, purchased our products from your local Woolies, pharmacy and online from our Mater Baby Products shop, eBay or Amazon. 

Can I still purchase Mater Baby Products?
Mater Baby Products are no longer available via our online shop. Some products may be available in selected Woolworths stores—only whilst stock lasts and we recommend contacting the store directly for stock availability.  

Thank you for coming on the Mater Baby Products journey with us.