New features for our hospital-developed Mater Nappies-Newborn First Weeks

We are excited to share the new & improved features for the smallest of our hospital-developed nappies, Mater Nappies-Newborn First Weeks (Size 0)!

Available online and at selected retailers.  

The Mater Baby Products’ range is Australia’s first product range developed by a hospital, Australia’s largest maternity service, Mater Mothers’ Hospitals. Our clinically proven Mater Baby Products (nappies & skin care), co-created by our very own Mater Midwives and Mums, are developed specifically for the health and wellbeing of newborn babies and mums. The story behind our mater baby care products.

Through ongoing feedback from our co-creators (mums, dads and our Mater Midwives) we have incorporated new features into the nappies to help care for your newborn baby’s skin.  

  • Additional leg cuff & elasticity for double leak protection against runny newborn poos!
  • Better absorbency for bub’s improved comfort
  • Super soft topsheet to keep bub drier for better skin health
  • Elasticised tapes for a snug and better fit


Our Mater Nappies-Newborn First Weeks still have these features familiar to new parents:

  • Smaller size nappy to actually fit newborn babies up to 3.5 kg i.e. most full term babies
  • Wetness indicator for when nappy needs to be changed
  • Umbilical cord cut-out to protect baby’s healing cord
  • Chlorine & fragrance-free
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and proven not to cause skin irritation


Proceeds from the Mater Baby Products’ range continue to support Mater Little Miracles to support Mater's medical and research teams in helping to save the lives of Mater's tiniest and most vulnerable patients.

Buy our hospital-developed, award-winning Mater Nappies now to help keep your newborn baby’s skin healthy.