Clinically proven and developed specifically for newborn babies.

Mater Baby Care Products are Australia’s first product range developed by a hospital; developed by our very own Mater Midwives and Mums! Our clinically proven Mater Baby Products (nappies & skin care) are developed specifically for the health and wellbeing of newborn babies and mums. 

Mater Nappies are used for new bubs and children at Mater Mothers' Hospitals and Mater Childcare as they are perfect for keeping bubs dry and happy. Through the optimal SAP to pulp ratio (technical talk for how nappies absorb liquid), Mater Nappies provide quick absorption to draw moisture away from bub’s sensitive skin. Additionally, and even more importantly, the nappy topsheet (the bit that’s directly against your bub’s skin) stays the driest out of any nappies in the Australian market (!) – it’s even been independently proven in a lab.

With the ideal combination of absorption and topsheet, a drier nappy means minimising discomfort, redness and irritation, and decreasing the likelihood of nappy rash. Mater Nappies - keeping bub’s skin dry and healthy.   

Mater Nappies are available for you to use at home; continuing the care from our hospital to your home – purchase online at or via selected retailers.

[Mater Nappies available in convenience packs ($13.99-14.99) or cartons (10% discount)]

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