Keep your baby's skin healthy!

As a new parent, it can be overwhelming trying to find a skin care product for your new baby. With so many options on supermarket shelves, it’s hard choosing a quality product that will work best for your bub’s sensitive skin. Our Australian MadeMater Baby Wash and Mater Baby Moisturiser is specifically created to provide long-lasting care and protection to your bub’s skin right from day one. 

We highly recommend using these products together for the most effective results, as they were developed to be used in conjunction with each other - a perfect pigeon pair!

 Babies have very thin, delicate skin due to an immature skin barrier. This means their skin is very sensitive to harsh products, direct sunlight, and irritation from some materials (wool etc). It’s important to take proper care of their skin, including the skin’s pH balance, as it keeps out nasty infections, and allergens.

Our Mater Baby Wash is a light foaming cleanser, gentle enough to be used daily. The soap-free and tear-free formula protects your bub’s delicate skin by retaining their skin’s natural oils and moisture. Just use a small amount to keep your baby’s skin soft & healthy.

Our Mater Baby Moisturiser is perfect for use after baby’s bath. The extra mild lotion soothes and conditions your baby’s delicate skin. Our moisturiser is pH balanced, and is specifically formulated to prevent dryness and provide long lasting protection. This product is also perfect to gently massage your bub before bedtime, so that your little one is relaxed for a big sleep.

Our hospital-developed Mater Baby Wash and Mater Baby Moisturiser is co-created by midwives and mums at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals – their exceptional care and expertise is extended from our hospital into your home. Order your Mater Baby Wash and Moisturiser online at or at selected Woolworths and pharmacies found here.