How Mater Nappy Balm can help!

Picture this: You’re changing your bub’s nappy only to find an alarming, red rash on your baby’s bottom. Sound familiar? We know nappy rash can be common and may be caused by many things including prolonged nappy dampness, which may leave your bub’s bottom irritated and inflamed and an uncomfortable little baby.

So how can you avoid or soothe nappy rash for your little one?  Changing bub’s nappy frequently is of course important – there are some great tips for new parents in Mater Mothers’ video; ‘Changing your new baby's nappy’. Using nappies such as Australian Made* Mater Nappies that are highly absorbent with a topsheet that draws moisture into the nappy and away from your bub’s skin, will also help to keep bub’s skin dry making for a happier, more comfortable baby!

At change time, applying a small amount of nappy balm to baby’s clean, dry skin, particularly in areas prone to redness or irritation will also help to keep bub’s skin protected.  Australian Made, Mater Nappy Balm is an exceptionally gentle cream ideal for nourishing red and delicate bottoms. Its unique, soothing formula replicates the moisture barrier qualities of the vernix—the naturally-occurring white substance that covers and protects baby’s skin in-utero—protecting the skin by repelling wetness while still allowing it to breathe! *excludes size 0

Mater Nappy Balm is available at select Woolworths stores and pharmacies—find your closest store through our store locator. Or shop online in the convenience of your own home at