At Mater Mothers' Hospitals we are very privileged to be involved in so many families welcoming new babies every single day.

Since 1960, we have been very privileged to play a special role in the lives of so many families welcoming new babies every single day – every day is Mother’s Day at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals! Did you know we welcome more than 10 000 babies each year at Mater, an average of 27 babies a day?

We have been so fortunate to also have so many mums involved in the development of our Mater Baby Products – these amazing people have become who we collectively call our ‘Mater Product Co-creators’. Together with our Mater Midwives, these mums allowed us to pick their brains about all things nappy and baby skin care, both within our hospital and their homes.

With the help of our Mater Product Co-creators, we now have a beautiful range of maternity and baby products available nationally to mums and dads across Australia. Even today, our Co-creators continue to work with us to provide ongoing feedback on our product range and assist us in developing future Mater products.

Our Mater Body Balm for pregnancy is one of the special products in our range and one that is developed just for mum – a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Our balm is non-greasy and an ideal treatment for stretched skin – perfect to keep your skin hydrated during pregnancy as your tummy grows and also as you shrink back after bub is born.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we want to say thank you to mums for choosing our Mater Baby Products; products you can trust to be gentle enough for the sensitive and delicate skin of your newborn baby (and mums too!). Happy Mother’s Day!  

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