Mater Baby Products developed by Midwives + Mums at Australia's largest maternity service, Mater Mothers' Hospitals

Mater Baby Care Products are Australia’s first product range developed by a hospital. Yes, a hospital has developed their very own baby care product range complete with skincare and nappies! We’re not sure why it hadn’t been done before but we’re pretty proud that Mater Mothers’ Hospitals, Australia’s largest maternity service, has been the first to develop a baby care product range for parents across Australia. And, it’s easily available via our online shop

Our Mater Baby Products' Story 

Why did a hospital decide to make nappies and skin care?

We are so privileged at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals to welcome more than 10 000 babies a year – that’s an average of 27 babies a day or a classroom a day! Our mums and midwives kept letting us know they weren’t completely happy with the baby care products then being used or what was on offer in their local pharmacy or supermarket. So we started to look for other products that would better meet the needs of new parents however, no products lived up to our high Mater standards of safety, trust and affordability.  So, we decided to make our own and that’s how our Mater Products’ journey started!

How did we go about researching and developing the Mater Baby Products?

We started in our hospitals. We talked to our Midwives and Nurses, as well as our Obstetricians, Pharmacists, Clinical Safety Officers and anyone else who would let us pick their brain to ensure we could add loads of Mater expertise into the development of the product range. Then, we talked to Mums in our hospitals and right across Australia. A lot of mums; in fact more than 3 500 mums! We figured if we were to develop products we really wanted to find out what these mums needed and wanted in order to not just meet but exceed expectations of parents across Australia. We could have easily developed products that were similar to existing products but what would be the point of that?

All these amazing people have become who we collectively call our ‘Mater Product Co-creators’, a community who shared their expertise and knowledge so freely (and honestly!), and without who we would not have been able to develop our exceptional Mater Baby Care Products now accessible to parents across Australia. Even today, our Co-creators continue to work with us to provide ongoing feedback on our product range and assist us in developing future Mater products so we may continue to offer the exceptional care from our hospitals into people’s homes. 

Co-creator Mum Olivia talks about her involvement in the Mater Baby Products

Mater Baby Products - The Caring Continues from our hospital to your home 

Where are Mater Baby Products used?

Our clinically proven Mater Baby Products are developed specifically for the health and wellbeing of newborn babies and mums. Every day, our hospital product range is enjoyed by babies, parents, mums-to-be and children in our own hospitals here in Brisbane, as well as in hospitals and childcare centres across Australia. Now you too can have our Mater Baby Products in your own home – shop now