Why you should choose Australian made?

Mater Baby Products' range of skin care and disposable nappies is certified Australian made*. We take great pride in providing our customers with high quality and locally made baby skin care and nappies.

So why should you choose Australian made?

Made to high standards
When it comes to manufacturing products, Australian standards for quality and production are much higher than overseas. This means you get better quality nappies and baby skin care! It’s important for us to manufacture locally so you can be assured that Mater Baby Products are of the highest quality.

Supporting local businesses and the Australian economy
Now is a great time to support local businesses. Due to recent events, many local businesses are struggling - jobs have been lost and organisations have closed their doors indefinitely. You can help contribute to the prosperity of Australia by purchasing locally-made Mater Baby Products, which in turn, supports Mater hospitals in Queensland and jobs for Australian families.

Better for the environment
Australian manufacturing has stringent guidelines and policies in place to ensure products are sustainably made. Buying Australian Made also means far fewer carbon miles and greenhouse gas emissions created in transporting goods from overseas. So, you’ll be doing your part for the environment by buying Australian Made!

Our Australian Made* certification for Mater Baby Products indicates that we are trusted brand. It allows for us to guarantee the quality of our products for Australian parents, as well as showing loyalty and support to manufacturing in Australia. It is vital for Mater, as an Australian healthcare provider, that we are able to guarantee the quality of our products and support the local community.

Proceeds from Mater’s product range are reinvested back into patient care and research through Mater Little Miracles. By choosing Mater Baby Products for your family, you are supporting a community purpose enabling Mater to invest in life-saving research and care to ensure seriously ill and premature babies can have the best possible start to life.

Mater Baby Products are available at select pharmacies, Woolworths and online nationally at www.materbabyproducts.com.au