Australia Day is here, and as a trusted Australian Made brand we want to celebrate our certification with you. Our Australian Made certification indicates that we are a brand to trust. It allows for us to guarantee the quality of our products for Australian parents, as well as showing loyalty and support to manufacturing in Australia. As an Australian healthcare provider it is vital that we are able to guarantee the quality of our products and support the local community.

Recently, our size 1 and 2 nappies (Newborn and Infant sizes) have become Australian Made certified along with sizes 3 and 4 (Crawler and Toddler). Because our size 0 nappies are such a special fit (perfect for bubs under 3.5kg), we have this nappy manufactured  overseas - however we are working hard to change this and gain the Australian Made certification on this nappy too. Mater Nappies are perfect from the day your bub is born to when they become big waddling toddlers. See our sizing chart to know what nappy is best fit for your bub.

Our skin care range is manufactured locally too, so you can be assured our products have passed Australia’s strict health and safety standards.

Our nappies and skin care are hospital-developed, created by our midwives and mums who know what they want (and don’t want) in baby care products. At Mater our care extends beyond the hospital and in to your home through our Mater Baby Products

So, on the Australia Day weekend we want you to celebrate with us, and are offering you a deal that you do not want to miss. Stay tuned to the Mater Mothers Instagram and Facebook later this week for further information on our promo starting the 24-27 January, 2020. 

Please note: this offer has expired. Keep watch of the "Babytalk Blog" for future exciting discounts!